IMPACT - Evaluation of European Perpetrator Programmes


“1st European Congress on the Evaluation of Programmes for Perpatrators of Domestic Violence”



  • Date: October 21st (Conference)
  • Place: Barcelona, Espai Francesca Bonnemaison
  • Languages: English and Spanish (Castillian) with simultaneous translation

About the IMPACT project

The project "Evaluation of European Perpetrator Programmes" (IMPACT) explored current practices of evaluation of perpetrator programmes in Europe with the aim of synthesizing the discovered solutions towards a harmonisation of outcome monitoring. Therefore, a survey on outcome monitoring and programmes difficulties and needs related to it, was conducted. Additionally, an analysis of existing European evaluation studies as well as a possibility analysis for a multi-country European outcome research study enhanced European research on perpetrator programmes. The projects final products, a toolkit and good practice guidelines for outcome measurement, can be implemeted by programmes to improve their documentation quality. The results of the IMPACT project will be presented at the final conference.

Final conference

The presentation of the results will be accompanied by a comprehensive composition of round tables and keynote speakers of leading experts on the issues of masculinity and violence, domestic violence and perpetrator programmes. See the conference agenda in left menu to get the details.

What else ...

Furthermore, experts in the field of combatting domestic violence and perpetrator work can participate in a workshop, where the final results will be discussed. Please contact the Conference staff if you want to participate in the workshop. The conference venue will be at a historic building in the heart of Barcelona.

We would be very delighted to welcome you to Barcelona!

Your IMPACT project team: Dissens e.V., (Berlin, Germany) as coordination; Askovgaarden (Copenhagen, Denmark); CONEXUS (Barcelona, Spain); Men's Counselling Centre (Graz, Austria); RESPECT (London, UK); University of Bristol (UK); WAVE (Vienna, Austria)

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